Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo in 2021

Are you looking for a faster cooking experience? If so, then over the range microwave convection oven combo is a perfect choice. The microwaves have made it easier for one to prepare a meal, unlike before. 

However, we understand getting a list of the top products can be a challenge. However, it doesn’t tackle the key elements when it comes to the OTR microwaves when you find one. Apart from the cooking experience, we know that the devices come with style, and elegance is an issue.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best over the range microwave convection oven. The OTR microwaves listed below doesn’t only talk about what you eat. But also your personality when it comes to style and sophistication. 

What Is Over the Range Of Microwave Convection Oven Combo?

For you to understand what the product is, we are going to break it down. Have you used a microwave before? This could be at work or even at home. Though you have used it, do you understand how the device operates?

Well, the appliance works by heating food using microwave radiation. The radiation is what is responsible for cooking food from inside out. And if you’re wondering if the radiation is safe, yes, it’s safe, and there is no need to worry.

On the other hand, when it comes to convection ovens, they’ve got a fan that circulates hot air. The air is what prepares food and ensures all parts are evenly cooked.

However, when it comes to microwave convection oven combo over the range, it is more advanced. The appliance uses convention and microwave radiations at once, preparing a meal. This is what guarantees you superior cooking experiencing and efficiency. Plus, the device is installed over the stove, which saves your counter space. 

10 Best Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

1. Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave Oven

Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel
357 Reviews
Sharp R1874T 850W Over-the-Range Convection Microwave, 1.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel
  • 850-watt, over-the-range convection microwave browns, bakes, broils, crisps, and roasts
  • 2-color, 7-digit, interactive display; Smart and Easy sensor settings
  • 1.1-cubic-foot, stainless-steel interior with light; 13-inch turntable provides even heating

Sharp R1874T is one of the amazing products that is 2-in-1. The convection microwave oven allows you to crips, broil, bake, roast, or even brow. This is a result of both ovens, which ensure you have an evenly cooked and tasty meal.

Another feature that makes the oven ideal for you is the reheat and defrosts options. This is the best for one who is always busy and in a hurry to prepare a dish. Instead of cooking a whole meal, you can reheat it in the oven, and within minutes, your dish is ready.

Furthermore, if you have kids in the house, they can easily use the oven as well. The device has a smart digital setting that is user-friendly. The built-in exhaust system provides you 3 venting options that ensure your meal is baked or cooked evenly. The three venting options that achieve this are vertical, horizontal, and ductless circulation.

If you’re worried about the kitchen space, then there is no need to. The oven comes with a 1.1 cu ft capacity, which occupies limited space. To ensure your kitchen looks stunning and perfect, it has stainless steel, which blends with most kitchen appliances.


  • It’s easy to install.
  • It also has an interactive cooking system with a custom help key. This makes it user-friendly. 
  • The oven provides you with a quick defrosting and heating feature. Hence, making the product time-saving. 
  • It’s sturdy and durable, which assures one of the values of their money. 
  • It has a digital setting smart sensor and comes with a built-in exhaust system for effective cooking.
  • The device has a ten-year warranty.


  • It’s difficult to clean.
  • The oven’s fan is a noisy
  • The device acts more like a microwave than a convection oven. 

2. Black Decker EM044KJN-P2 Over-the-Range Microwave

Black+Decker 1.6-Cu.Ft Over-the-Range Microwave - Black (EM044KJN-P2)
  • Efficient & effective - 1000 watts of cooking power and a 10 different power levels for boiling, reheating, and defrosting
  • 1-6 min quick start
  • Dimensions - Overall: 16.4'' H x 29.9'' W x 15'' D | Cutout: 20'' W x 10'' D x 8'' H | Turntable Diameter: 12.5'' | Overall Product Weight: 55.1 lb.

The Decker-EMO44KJN comes with 10 different power levels for reheating, defrosting, and even boiling. This makes it an ideal product for The modern controls the oven comes with also makes it user friendly, and one can use it easily regardless of age.

The vent system of the device makes it remarkable for your kitchen. The system controls air quality by exhausting steam, smoke, and other odors from your cooktop. Hence, if you are worried about your neighbors compiling about odors this is the brand for you.

Plus, there are times when one wakes up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. Thus, you’ll need to prepare a meal quickly and get back to bed. This is where the quick defrosting and reheating features come in. Moreover, the brand also comes with incandescent lighting, which illuminates your cooking space. Hence there is no need to switch on the lights.

For parents who have kids around the house, the brand was tailored to fit your needs. It has a safety lock control panel that prevents the kids from using the oven when you are not around. We cannot forget to mention the sleek design that the brand has. 


  • It an ideal brand for those who have kids because of the safety lock.
  • It’s user-friendly and compact.
  • The product uses 1000 watts of cooking power.
  • It has a 1-6min and 30 seconds quick start, which ensures your meal is prepared faster.
  • The oven has 10 different power levels.


  • It has limited use.

3. GE JVM3160DFCC – GE Over The Range Convention Microwave

GE JVM3160DFCC 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, Bisque, 1000 Watts-1029481
120 Reviews
GE JVM3160DFCC 1.6 Cu. Ft. Over-The-Range Microwave Oven, Bisque, 1000 Watts-1029481
  • This is easy to use
  • This is highly durable
  • This is manufactured in United states

GE-JVM3160DFCC has auto-cooking controls, which help with defrosting and reheating as well. The oven works in silence, unlike other brands that operate with noise. It has user-friendly controls, such that anyone can use it regardless of their age.

The GE Over The Range Convention Microwave comes with a glass turntable to ensure the food is evenly cooked. Plus, the 1000 watts feature guarantees the food is heat immediately and instantly. Therefore, within minutes your food is ready.


  • The brand is user-friendly.
  • Its highly durable, which guarantee you value for money.
  • The incandescent interior oven light offers one express cooking.


  • One needs a full cabinet depth to install the oven.

4. SHARP Carousel 1.4 Cu. Ft 1000w

SHARP Carousel 1.4 Cu. Ft. 1000W Countertop Microwave Oven with Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn...
1,212 Reviews
SHARP Carousel 1.4 Cu. Ft. 1000W Countertop Microwave Oven with Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn...
  • Orville Redenbacher's Certified Popcorn preset tuned for optimal popping results
  • Premium Blue LED Modern, easy-to-read cool-blue display
  • Convenient "+30 Sec" Key For instant start

The brand is the perfect size to fit your family-size cooking. It has a spacious design and a robust structure, which guarantees compatibility and style. An amazing feature is a 30-seconds key, which is used for instant start and express cooking. Hence, if you are in a rush, the meal is prepared immediately.

The LED lights and the stainless exterior give the oven a unique look. The device also has an auto-defrost feature for fast and precise melting according to load. Additionally, the multi-stage cooking that is up to 2 steps and memory function makes your cooking a worthwhile experience.

The brand also comes with a blue LED display, which gives you a clear resolution, whether in the dark or not. For those who have children at home and wondering how safe the oven is, well, it has a child lock. Hence, your kids won’t use the oven until they are at the right age.The sensory cook technology also makes the brand perfect for you. This is because the device can sense the level of humidity levels in food and adjust accordingly. This ensures the meal is evenly cooked. 


  • It comes with a Sensory cook, which detects the level of humidity in a meal. This, in turn, guarantee the meal is cooked evenly.
  • The brand has a sturdy and compact body with an elegant design that blends in with your kitchen appliances. 
  • The product also comes with a variety of auto- cook features. Therefore, no matter the kind of meal one wishes to prepare, the oven can handle it.
  • The oven is energy efficient.


  • The oven light is a problem since, at times, it can be dim or even goes off early than expected.

5. GE 1.7 Cu. Ft. White Over-The-Range Microwave Oven

GE 1.7 Cu. Ft. White Over-The-Range Microwave Oven
280 Reviews
GE 1.7 Cu. Ft. White Over-The-Range Microwave Oven
  • Convenience cooking controls operating made quick and easy
  • Electronic controls with graphic display make this microwave easy to use
  • Includes recirculating charcoal filter kit for non-vented applications

The GE over the range convection microwave is an ideal pick for any modern family. The product uses a combination of design and technology to meet your daily needs.

The sleek design makes the oven blend in the kitchen, and one will even hardly notice it. Besides that, it has a charcoal filter with indicator light. This particular feature indicates an odor, and the charcoal filter is triggered to help remove it. Thus, regardless of what you’re preparing, the odor won’t be a problem for your guest or neighbors.

When it comes to the controls on the oven, they have been designed to be user-friendly. Hence, you and your kids can efficiently operate the oven. However, we recommend that the kids operate the oven under your watch.

If you have some butter or chocolate the needs to be melted, the oven will gladly do it for you. This is because the brand has easy melting options that regulate heat. Plus, with the help of a turntable, the heat will be evenly distributed to melt or cook. 


  • The brand comes with a sensor cooking control that adjusts time and power for effective cooking. 
  • The oven is easy to install and comes with cooktop lighting.
  • Its user friendly and has an elegant design.


  • The product is not durable.

6. GE JVM6175SKSS Over The Range Microwave

GE JVM6175SKSS Over-the-Range Microwave, 1.7, Stainless Steel
228 Reviews
GE JVM6175SKSS Over-the-Range Microwave, 1.7, Stainless Steel
  • Weight & Time Defrost - Simply enter the weight of the food and the oven automatically sets the optimal defrosting time and power level or set your desired time for defrosting
  • Melt Feature - Worry-free melting of butter caramel chocolate and marshmallows
  • Recesses Turntable with On / Off - Controls turntable operation

This is among the best GE over the range convection microwave. It comes with all the express-cooking buttons for faster and easier food preparation. There are times when one would find the keypad tone irritating. If that is the case, then you can mute it using the “mute button.”

Additionally, the brand has a cooktop light, which is hard to find in lower-end models. For this reason, you are assured of getting value for your money. Another amazing feature that makes the model stand out is the turn of the turntable. You can use this feature if you want to use extra-large plates in the oven. 


  • It’s easy to install.
  • The brand is user friendly.
  • The oven also comes with sensor cooking controls.


  • It s not durable.
  • The clock has a bright light that can’t be adjusted. 

7. Avanti  24″ Over The Range Microwave Oven

Avanti MOTR13D3S 24' Over The Range Microwave, Stainless Steel
63 Reviews
Avanti MOTR13D3S 24" Over The Range Microwave, Stainless Steel
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • 1000 Watts
  • 300 CFM Two-Speed Vent

It’s one of the best range microwave convection oven combos that has been built for your family. This starts with the design and technology used.

The oven has a large cooking space, unlike other brands in the market. Therefore, you can prepare your family meal at once. Besides that, the oven has multiple features for effective cooking.

It has 10 power levels and automatic cook functions, which guarantee easier cooking. Whether you want to defrost or prepare popcorn, the oven has got your back. To ensure the heat is evenly distributed, there is a turntable.


  • It comes with a child lock for more protection.
  • It offers one a larger cooking space.
  • It has up to 10 power levels for effective cooking.
  • The oven has a sleek design that blends with kitchen appliances and utensils. 


  • The dives might have a voltage issue after a few months.

8. GE JNM3163RJSS 30″ Over-the-Range Microwave with 1.6 cu. ft. Capacity

The convection oven provides you with options, extra space, and power levels for a cooking experience. The device can be installed over the stove and fit with a vent to circulate steam when cooking. Besides, you can prepare a large family meal at once and due to the extra spacing. 

Moreover, the oven has been fitted with a charcoal filter, which helps in eliminating odors. Though, you will need extra room for its recirculating vent system. When it comes to the design, the manufacturers have wowed us. Their invention offers you a sleek-looking stainless design, which fantastic.


  • Fits above the stove perfectly.
  • It’s user-friendly.
  • The oven comes with power level settings for effective cooking.


  • It’s expensive for its performance.

9. LG LMV1762ST, Over the Range Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

LG LMV1762ST, Stainless Steel
111 Reviews
LG LMV1762ST, Stainless Steel
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

The LG over the range convection microwave has a venting system. The charcoal filter and exhaust fan offer you better filtration and ventilation, which eliminates odors. The exhaust fan capacity is 300 CFM, and you can increase or decrease the fun using the 2 -speed dial. On the other hand, the manufactures wanted to maintain a streamlined look. This is why the vent system is hidden.

The oven has a capacity of 1.7 Cu. Ft which holders large and various plates. Hence, you can prepare your family dinner without worrying. When it comes to the control panel, it has all the necessary functions, and it is user-friendly.

Simultaneously, the preprogrammed functions such as auto-cook for popcorn, potato, and the 6 one-touch option make it easier to use the oven. Hence, regardless of your age, one can use the oven with ease. 


  • It has a sleek design and easy to install.
  • The device is easy to clean.
  • The oven is user-friendly and effective.


  • The oven doesn’t have a timer.

10. The Dacor 1.1 Cu. Ft. Over–the–Range Convention Microwave with Touch Display

Dacor PCOR30S Professional Style Microwave, stainless-steel
  • 850 Watts
  • Convection/combination cooking
  • 300CFM ventilation system

The brand comes with a child lock, which makes it the ideal fit for your family. Besides that, it also has 11 power levels for an effective and ultimate cooking experience.

On the other hand, the brand has a sensor technology that is used when cooking. This enables the oven to detect humidity and steam and then adjusts the timer and heat accordingly. Plus, the device has auto cooking options and a unique design.


  • It’s easy to use and durable.
  • The oven comes with a child lock safety. 
  • It comes with a 300 CFM ventilation system, and it’s easy to clean.
  • The microwave uses 12o voltage, which makes it energy efficient. 


  • It’s expensive.

How to Choose Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo?

Before heading to an online or physical store to purchase some of the best over the range microwave 600 CFM, there are certain things to consider. This ensures you get value for your money and save your precious time. Some of the things to look at are:

i. You cooking needs

Buying an over the range microwave convention is great. However, before purchasing one, you need to consider your needs. At times one will end up purchasing the device only to use it in the microwave.

This is why we recommend looking at your needs. If you buy the oven because it is trending or your neighbor or friend has it, you’ll be throwing money away. Therefore, take time and consider if you want or need the oven. Understands your needs and tame your desires to save on cash.

ii. Your kitchen size and space

Your kitchen size and space also plays an important role when it comes to buying an OTR. The oven you’re purchasing has to fit in the allocated space perfectly to save on the kitchen space. Just like countertops ovens, the OTR comes in various shapes and sizes.

Hence, measure the desired installation space and compare it to the oven. You wouldn’t want to end up creating more space in the kitchen, which interferes with the rest of the items?

iii. Power consumption

At the end of the month, you usually take care of your power bills. This means you know the amount of power you use. When it comes to ovens, some consume a lot of power than others.

For this reason, you must think about the oven’s power consumption. If the voltage is high and you can go for a lesser voltage one. It offers you a similar cooking experience but at a lower cost.

iv. Special features

You also need to consider the special features that the devices come with. It starts from the control panels, preprogrammed features, among others. Therefore it is wise to pick an item that has features that complement your needs.

For example, if you have kids, you would want to go for ovens with a child safety lock. This ensures the kids are safe even when there is no adult around them. Always go for an over the range convection microwave that meets your specific needs.

v. Accessories 

Some accessories come with the oven. It might be a glove, cooling racks, among others. However, some brands won’t offer you these items, but you’ll be required to purchase them separately.

Hence, grab a list of the brands you would love to buy and then begin looking at the accessories they offer. If there is a brand that offers the accessories you need, go for it. This, in turn, saves you money, and you won’t have to incur extra cost purchasing similar items. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) About Over The Range Microwave Convection Oven Combo

A. Do microwaves with convection ovens work well?

Yes, it works, but the food being prepare won’t cook evenly. The reason is a convection microwave has fun, which circulates heat evenly when cooking. This, in turn, ensures your meal is evenly cooked. Hence, it would be wise to use OTR when cooking.

B. Can one use aluminum foil in a convection microwave?

Yes, one can use foil in the oven. It is safe, and the food still cooks evenly, and it will even prevent a portion of the foods from overcooking. Therefore, one can use if there is need to when cooking your favorite meal.

C. Which is better, convection, or inverter microwave?

Inverted microwave ovens are the best since they are highly efficient compared to convection ovens, which consumes more power and a bit slower. However, both will work perfectly fine.

D. Can one cook pizza in a convection microwave?

Yes, you can cook pizza with a convection microwave. You will be required to preheat the oven and set the required commands for the pizza to cook.

Final Verdict

Many platforms sell over the range microwave convection oven. However, one needs to be smart about it, not to be duped. Therefore, we recommend reading the KitchenAid over the range microwave reviews before ordering. 

This, in turn, gives you a deeper understanding of the product and its feature. Plus, we have compiled a list of some of the best OTR in the market, and you can order from Amazon, a trusted platform.

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