16 Best Portable Blender for Travel (2020 Updated – with Guide)

Today Share, The best travel blender 2020. Your ultimate buying guideline and top portable blender reviews. The Best Portable Blender for Travel will save you from a large blander when you only need a drink or morning shake before you work.

This small tool is reasonably powerful and it is against its size.

Additionally, the best portable blender for travel can keep its service outdoors.

Thinking, where can you plug in to run the travel blenders outside?

Well, there’s a blender with a USB connection, so your laptop can charge this little guy and drink a glass of fresh drinks for a few seconds.

Top Best Portable Blender for Travel – Peak list’s

16 Best Portable Blender for Travel 2020 with Guide Here we have selected 15 high-quality portable blenders for travel.

They are versatile, affordable, and safe to use for a long time. Does a portable mixer use? Seven ways you can be sure. Why is the most popular mixer popular? So check them out.

1. Portable Blender Blender USB Juicer Cup

portable blender with usb charger

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The TOPQSC smooth portable blender with USB charger is a light mixer for people who are always in a hurry.

This mixer is taken via a USB port, and once completed, it can mix multiple times. The speed of this mixer is 2000 RPM. It takes 20 minutes to make a glass of perfect juice for a person.

The mixer has 500 containers or a BPA-free plastic bottle with 304 blades of four pieces of stainless steel. Its charger has 2.0 USB ports as well.

When you put the ingredients inside and start them, they run for 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the number of parts inside to complete the blending.

If necessary, you can start blending again. A well-done person does not come to any owner for the cups, and the blade cannot be read.

You can clean it in the dishwasher or fill it and mix it with warm water again. The top QSP travel mixer is the best choice as a portable mixer.

  • The lid is easy to screw.
  • There are plenty of fluids.
  • Nice color and design
  • Safe for making baby food
  • Fast process perfect.
  • The blade is connected below.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

2. Oster Blender with Travel Sports Bottle

best portable blender 2019

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Best portable blender 2020 For the complete performance of OSTER BLSTPB-WPK blender including sports bottle for travel.

This is a 250-watt mixer suitable for any fruit, vegetables, etc. To crush ice cubes and other frozen ingredients, power can reach 400 watts.

Size of mixer 15.25 *5*5 inches There is a 16-inch power cord. The weight of the mixer is only 1 pound.

The colorful design and construction of the mixer are amazing. Individual blender size with a sports bottle fits into your busy and quick life.

With one-touch, it works non-stop to make you prefer your favorites at work, gym, or at home.

Frost only has the On/Off feature, and no option/pause button to use. You should press the button and release it for a moment to create a wrist.

During the rest, do not forget to shake the bottle.

  • Safe bottle without BPA.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Feathers can not be removed.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

3. Magic Bullet Mini, High-Speed Blender, and Mixer

Best Portable Blender for Travel

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The name Magic Bullet is known to almost everybody in the world. With the help of television networks, the Magic Bullet brand has succeeded in promoting.

Its business portable blender for smoothies, customer service and, more importantly, the well-being of many mixers in the past days. That’s why we needed to include this Magic Bullet Mini game.

It is a two-in-one tool that can act as a mixer and a portable shake blender. At the base of the mixer, there is a small cup, and with a mixing bottle, it produces juice, juice, protein shake, milkshake or whatever you want to do

Mixer size 9*59* inches and weighs 3.28 lbs. Because of two cups and one bottle, two heads and a blending engine, it’s heavyweight.

Containers, containers and blankets are made of plastic with no BPA, and easy to clean.

The bronze part of this magic bullet is detached and will remain sharp for a long time

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

4. Best Portable Blender for Travel Single Serve Blender

Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender

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Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender Here is one of the best versatile portable mixers at reasonable prices.

Single Mixer Mixer is perfect for making different types of jams and juices. This one is very light and comfortable shape to travel along.

It has 400 ML BPA-free bottles with a well-covering lid.

This Blender is a USB mixer that can carry on a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. For the first time, the shipping takes two to three hours. Later an hour of charging is enough to keep working.

The bottom of the mixer blade is removed so you can clean the base separately. Compare the others, this ingredient has six mixtures of stainless steel.

Newer 22,000 per minute and vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients can be crushed very fast.

In addition, the blender is an intelligent, protective device. It has a magnetic sensor key, safe accessories for the dishwasher, and a high-quality solid engine.

In general, high-quality kitchen utensils can also be used for outdoor use.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

5. Hamilton Beach Blender with Travel

portable blender bottle

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If you want to invest in a personal mixer of the Hamilton Beach Mixer (51103) this is a perfect choice to consider.

It has a 175-watt motor with 14-ounce blending jar, cap, stainless steel cutting blades and a strong base.

The mixers are made up of power/pulse buttons, which are great for one-touch operation.

The mixer contains automatic shut-off features that stop working after 5-20 seconds depending on the number of ingredients you fill out.

The portable blender bottle cover contains a tap for drinking so that one person can absorb directly from the bottle without pouring it is a separate cup.

Another exciting feature of the mixer is that it has a stylish space that enters the base electricity.

Blades are working quickly to cut, crush or mix any fresh ingredients in a fixed and make a perfect mix that one can enjoy. The Best Portable Blender for Travel Jar also works as a travel cup for most car drinkers.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

6. Portable Blender Mini Travel Juice Cup

Portable Blender Mini Travel

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Here is another affordable option for the best portable travel mixer. Set up a battery with a size of juice mixer with a battery, a USB juicer, which can recharge to make your drink a day and occasional juice.

The mixer is made of food that is safe and powerful. It contains security features such as sensor technology that will not allow the operation of blades if the bottle is not closed or connected properly.

It has two batteries. The 4000 MA dual battery design will make 10 cups of juice once fully charged.

Along with the other four mixers, it has six sharp and powerful blades that can easily cut or cut fruits and vegetables and mix them.

But this does not mean that it can handle whole or large cubes of fruit. You need to cut them an inch lower shape to blend.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

7. Golds Gym Supreme Strength Personal Travel Sports Bottle Silver

personal travel blender

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Gold’s Jim is a popular brand of many health components, a personal travel blender that can solve your daily problem of healthy drinks.

Personal Strength Blender The Super Force of Golden, Jim is a very good mix that works by mixing hardly between any piece of plug-in no time. The mixer contains a 300-watt motor that offers a speed of 20,000 RPM per second.

It also has 1 mm stainless steel blades that work with exceptional dry ingredients such as peanut seeds, etc., so you can make perfect juices and other healthy drinks at any time.

Mixer size 5*4.2 * 6.4 inches and a weight of 2 lbs. All cups and plastic blenders are required BPA-free and available for washing machine wash.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

8. JUICER2GO Portable Blender, USB Rechargeable Travel Juicer

best portable blender for travel

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For all people with conscious health, here’s the best portable blender bottle you can buy. The JUICER2GO mobile mixer, a USB rechargeable travel charger, is a lightweight, easy-to-mix mixer that works perfectly both inside and out.

It has a 350 ML capacity cup, powerful engine, automatic shutdown features, and more. The blender contains six pieces of stainless steel blades that easily cut fruits, vegetables, and any ingredients.

Once fully charged, the mixer can be mixed up to 15 times. You can download it on any device like laptop, desktop, etc. With USB cable.

But the charge of this time is 3 hours long. best portable blender for travel is easy to make detoxification of water, juice, yogurt, and protein vibration. You can make children’s meals there.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

9. Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

best portable blender 2019

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If you come here to fit all your blending needs, they are the right platform for you to get the best choice. Blendtectotal Classic Original Bender is an all-in-one solution for ice cream, soups, juices and pancakes.

It is the fastest and most effective blending of cum squeezer made in the United States. It has 6 pre-programmed cycles and 10-speed technology for faster and better mixing than the previous mixer.

The total volume is 75 Oz with a full capacity of 32 oz. It works in both directions, such as solids and liquids. It can cool and heat at one time. Additionally, orders are not counted for only $199.

It has a factory warranty for 8 years that can be used anywhere in the United States.

The best part is the easy cleaning technology. Just pour some water and soap and let the jars clean with a dedicated cleaning of the self; it saves time and effort on this wonderful feature.

The jar is void, so it is not necessary to cut it before putting it in the mixing session. You can just pour large parts and let the mixer do its work.

Closing the cover helps to mix strong particles and allow them to pull towards the sharpest blades for mixing. I mix anything that’s given for it.

From hot soup to ice cream and pizza dough, nothing in your kitchen can be crushed and blended by American Blendtec Blender.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

10. Ninja BL456 Blenders – Countertop

Ninja BL456 Blenders – Countertop 24 oz. Silver/Black

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The total capacity of the Ninja BL456 mixer is 24 ounces and is really enough to make a full glass of juice or vitamin juices. It really extracts all vitamins and nutrients without loss.

They are available in silver and black colours. Both colours look great in any kitchen or outdoor setting. For external use, lithium batteries need to be purchased separately from Amazon or the nearest store.

The total weight of the Ninja Pro mixer is 8.33 lbs. This means you can take them anywhere.

Made of high-quality plastic to withstand shock and shock when falling. If you purchased it from Amazon, there is no shipping charge anywhere in the US with a one year warranty.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

11. NutriBullet Pro High-Speed Blender

best portable blender bottle

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Here is a complete set of all nutrition-hungry bodybuilders and women who want to set up new recipes daily.

NutriBullet Pro is a complete set of 13 accessories that work everything from a simple blend of protein to a strong mix of fruits and vegetables.

Special cover designs and high-definition blades work with the preparation of tricks within seconds.

Call it best travel blender green smoothies, it can do it. It has an outstanding 900-watt engine that performs tasks faster than any mixer or another juicer.

It’s a smaller design and a powerful engine that gives you RPM, and therefore less time preparing vitamins rich in vitamins.

It also has a book and a printed recipe for a paper-based version that contains 700 formulas for different types of shaking and juices. You will need the age to experience all of this.

The mixer will have exactly the same time. Cleaning time is provided with a smart and comfortable formula design. No need to push your fingers into sharp stainless steel blades, but pour some water soap and rinse away.

NutriBullet overall capacity is 32 ounces. You can make two small bottles in a mix cycle. It’s very portable.

You can carry it anywhere, as they work on lithium batteries that can be purchased personal travel blender separately.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

12. Portable Juicer with Travel Sport Bottle

best portable blender usb

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Homebase Juice Maker and Fruit Mixer/best portable blender USB are a revolutionary product with the best reasons to buy one for your next trip or to offer it to a special person.

Juice works with both AC and power. It is powered by a 3800mAh battery that does not require a backup for several days.

The Juicer can be connected via a USB cable from one side to the juicer and your smartphone from the other end. This means that your smartphone can make your juice on the move.

Juicer is easy to use and manufactured according to safety standards. The production is flawless. It’s easy to clean and no BPA. Safety features are legendary.

Try it! They have no danger. With dual protection technology, the switch button has a safety lock, and the engine will not work until the seal is tight.

Battery life is great. It can take up to 20 times. The USB cable has HOMEDAS portable juicer blender.

Just press the button and send it to any phone or power source. If you are a travel enthusiast, this is the thing you buy.

HOMEDAS Juicer is a small creature that will make your life easier than ever, pick it up while exercising at the gym, or taking it on board as a business partner. It will keep you fresh and lively.

The portable juicer has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy now from Amazon, there are complementary things waiting for your original price as a bonus. Cost is free.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

13. Portable Juicer Blender Beckool Travel

portable shake blender

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The true comfort of the juice is defined by Beckool best portable blender 2020. It is very small and effective Juicer.

The machine is weightless and fast to do any work. There are no accessories attached to the Bicol Juicer Mixer. A very good one-piece mixer has no wires that rely on power sources.

They are done in accordance with the needs of frequent flyers and wildlife lovers. You can take it camping. You arrive within two days if you request from Amazon.

It is an indivisible element, and there is no need to add or remove any tool to or from it. For small tasks, large juice mixers will be exempt from powerful tasks and fall quickly into smaller tasks running on a large machine.

The ingredient is perfect for making meals for children. Small shape and low power consumption are the perfect choices.

The six blades cut everything for you travel blenders for smoothies, if you need to make baby juice or baby food, it’s important to do so. It is easy to clean. Just place it under your tap and the rest is a simple process like standard blenders.

There is a built-in rechargeable battery with a juice mixer. 4000mAh may serve you 20 times before dying after full delivery.

Portable Juicer Blender Beckool Travel Personal USB Mixer: Smart features are added to improve efficiency and reduce damage. It can be charged on a laptop or smartphone via a small USB cable.

You can simply connect it to a computer or charger. The smart switch allows the device to turn off after 20 seconds of mixing that increases age and efficiency.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

14. HuaTop small blender for Travelling

best travel blender 2019

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Made of non-toxic, blender for travel environmentally friendly materials with no BPA, this Best Portable Blender for Travel has six blades, allowing for better blending.

It has a built-in 2000 mAh battery that can be recharged via USB via a power bank, a computer, or anything that’s compatible with your USB cable.

Small travel blender Perfect for making juices, baby food, juices, mashed, diving, milkshakes and any healthy drink you like.

You can also use it to mix ice and frozen fruit as long as you do not have large pieces and add a little water or if you do not hang the blades.

Shake the cup gently while working, making it easy to mix the food. Double the weight as a 380 ml cup until you drink your juice immediately.

As a security measure, codes will not run when charging or if the cap is not pressed on the base.

Travel blenders Lightweight, quiet and easy to clean, it’s a piece to keep in mind to get the best portable travel mixer.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

15. Little Bees, mini travel blender for girls

Little Bees, mini travel blender for girls

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Little Bees, mini travel blender for girls: In a pink rosy colour, this compact blender for travel is soft and easy to carry.

It is not perfect for mixing ice or frozen fruit, it is more useful than any other mini travel blender if you like cold drinks and gelato-like juice.

Also, it is not recommended for nuts or solid foods and you need to cut the fruit into small pieces to get together better and clearer.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

16. Hamilton Beach Portable Blender

Hamilton Beach Portable Blender new

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Hamilton Beach Best Portable Blender for TravelThis is so similar to Hamilton Beach 51101BA that we weren’t sure what the differences could be.

  • This Hamilton Beach 51131 single blender is made of plastic, which makes it lighter for travel.
  • It also has a different design for the top of the drink. This counts as a personal preference that we cannot really foresee.
  • For some users, this style will be more comfortable.
  • For others, we may advise you to try the Hamilton Beach 51101BA personal blender.

Check Price on Amazon and to read more reviews

How to Work  Portable blender with a USB charger?

Q. Can this mixer, mix with leafy vegetables?

A- Yes, they can mix any chopped and frozen vegetables such as small spinach, turnip, celery, etc.

Q: Are blenders safe to make baby’s milk?

A- If the blister bottle is made of glass or any BPA-protected material approved by the FDA, please do so.

Q: How big are these travel blenders?

A- If you are keeping a portable mixer, it will last 3-7 years.

Q: Is it ok to mix hot things with portable mixers?

A- Add hot liquids to make your drinks. But boiling liquid is not a choice here.

Where can I buy a portable blender?

Shopping in any of the best portable blenders stores you have many options. The nearest electrical warehouse store, Target store, Walmart, etc.

Offers brands and other individual blenders to travel at a different price. Also, e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart and others also provide this type of mix.

If you click the link shown here for a specific product and have direct access to the Amazon page to identify and purchase the Best Portable Blender for Travel product immediately.

Why do people like these portable blenders?

Suppose now that you can carry your fridge completely during the camp or office, how wonderful it is?

No, the technique does not improve this magic that will not happen, but you have little choice to make instant juice or juice or anything from scratch.

The portable mixer not only produces a fresh mini portable juicer blender but also allows you to carry the product anywhere, anytime.

You offer a small mix of one meal or two drink fresh brew with a tiny strong, slim bottom that can surprise your partner and coworker.

If you are a gym and have to eat healthy drinks like protein shakes, all you have to do is love as soon as possible.

Read Also: Top 5 Best Stand Mixer reviews 2020 with full Guide

Also, many people with a particular health problem or people eating a diet or a child need to use a mini travel blender to get instant, healthy and instant food and drink at home or in the open air.

But all you need is to get fresh fruit, little vegetables and liquids.

How to get the most out of a portable blender?

How to get the most out of a portable Blander

We all know how to use the best USB blender. However, you should know everything when you get a new electrical product in your hand.

The Best Portable Blender for Travel thing is to read his user guide and get information on how to take care of it. It helps you understand how to service/performance from a smart gadget.

Here are some key factors that you should share and where to use before a travel mixer can be used. See below.

  1. Fill out 2/3 of the blending battle to make juice, juices, pure milk, a milk protein.
  2. Always secure the cover firmly and securely on the base of the engine.
  3. Do not use the bottle with microwave ovens.
  4. Do not fill containers with hot water/milk/coffee.
  5. Shake the bottle while running. If the ingredients are filled at the highest point, take a mixer, break/pause for two seconds and then back it on.
  6. Add liquid ingredients first and then add leafy fruits and vegetables in the jar.
  7. Once the blending is complete, before opening the bottle from the base of the engine, turn the mixer upside down and carefully disconnect the container.
  8. When cleaning, fill in half-water containers and a few drops of liquid soap. Run the lid fully and turn the engine on for 510 seconds. All dirt will pay off quickly.
  9. After cleaning the Best Portable Blender for Travel, dry thoroughly with a clean towel or towel before storing.
  10. If you use it outdoors, be sure to use it with the least water to avoid unwanted odours and leaven.

Find the Best Portable Blender for Travel

Size and weight: If you want to bring a travel mixer to your backpack, backpack or travel bag, your best bet is a small blender.

If you are traveling on an airplane, remember that you need to place the portable mixer in the checked luggage bag as it is not allowed on the mobile device due to codes.

Always check the airline with allowable weight, and if you want to make sure to avoid unwanted extra charges, click here to check out our reviews on the best digital luggage scales.

Rechargeable: Before buying the best portable blender, be sure to check how the battery charge.

Is it USB? Do you need to replace old batteries with new batteries? Whatever you choose, it should be perfect for your needs.

The power of the machine: Keep in mind that these compact, compact mixers are suitable for making juices and more fruit and vegetable soft when they are in small pieces.

According to the travel mixer, they can also break the ice to make a refreshing drink but do not compare them to powerful kitchen utensils such as Vitamix.

They are for travel, very small and lightweight to carry in your bag or backpack.

Final thoughts

Our choice of the best portable blender is Portable Blender Single Serve Personal Blender. It has a rechargeable Li-ion battery and a USB connection to run the blender.

The best thing about the mixer is to use it directly and take it anywhere.

You can make all kinds of drinks for a person here and bring the bottle in your bag if you do not want to get the base of the engine.

Moreover, it can afford and last for a long time.

In general, all the 15 best portable blenders 2020 for mini travel blender reviews provided here are suitable for use each day or later.

So, find your rights and enjoy healthy juices thrilled, trembling, etc. At any time.

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