Best Smartwatch Under 100 Dollars

Smartwatches have been around for a while. The first unit was released in 1984. But, did you know the concept behind the smartwatches came from science fiction movies and series? Like the famous series Dan Dare Tv series “Pilot of the future.” The series showed the characters having watches that did more than just telling time. Today smartwatches have become a necessity and a new fashion sense. It’s hard to find one not having a smartwatch which is compatible with their handset. Plus, the technology used to make the devices is remarkable. You can issue commands using the voice recognition feature, receive calls, reading emails, and messages. These are some of the amazing features smartwatches present. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best smartwatches under $100 and $ 50. Therefore, continue reading to discover more about the “futuristic devices.” 

Top 10 Best Smartwatch Under 100 Dollars in 2023

Find the perfect device be devastating considering the various brands in the market. Hence, one needs to be keen when selecting the products. You don’t need to break a bank to purchase the device? Here are the best smartwatches under $100 which you should consider.

1. Amazfit GTR Smartwatch with 1.39” AMOLED Display

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch

Amazfit GTR Smartwatch comes with a delicate and elegant design which gives you an elegant look. The modern features help with your daily routines such as fitness tracker, Email, Messages, GPS, Social media, among others. The 1.39″ AMOLED display gives you an outstanding resolution. Apart from the resolution, the device comes with a smart sports tracking feature. This is ideal for those who love to engage in different sports activities. You can record 12 different sports such as swimming, mountaineering, cycling, running, among others.It’s vital to monitor your heart rate during your exercises, especially those with a heart condition. The Smartwatch has incorporated a Full-Scale Heart-Rate Monitoring System. The device is fitted with a BioTrackerTM PPG biological tracking optical sensor. The sensor is what measures your heart rate during a training session. The amazing thing about the Smartwatch is that it comes with a battery life of 24day. This means even when you are heading out for camping, you’ll have your GPS on for hours. The in-built GPS shall guide you through the woods, and you won’t get lost. Plus, the material used to make the product is scratch-resistant and durable.When out camping or running, the weather changes, and it might even begin to rain. But if that is the case, there is no need to worry since the Amazfit GTR is water-resistant. Even when you are going deep in the lake or river, there is no need to remove it. The watch maintains its water-resistance capabilities for up to 50 meters deep. Plus, the device can record your swimming position, calorie consumption, and even pace when swimming. If swimming is your favorite sport or profession, then the Amazifit GTR is the Smartwatch for you. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Elegant design
  • It has a clear and vibrant display


  • Un-optimized software experience
  • The device has a slow watch face syncing 

2. Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android

Pebble Smartwatch

The Pebble smart watch is a fascinating device one could have. It comes with iOS, Android, and Bluetooth features that connect to your smartphone. Hence, there is no need to always reaching into your pocket or bag to remove your smartphone.All you need to do is look at your wristwatch and access all the information you need. Whether you are looking for your emails, messages, or calls, the device is built for this. It’s true to say Pebble has been designed to make your life easy. It has been designed to collect all your appointments, events, and notifications into one page. This makes it easier for you to read through the events and see what is needed of you in your daily schedule. The device has a feature that allows you to personalize your notifications. You can download all the apps you need to remain in the loop about the current situations. The device’s fascinating thing also permits one to customize the apps according to their taste and preferences. The apps are health and fitness apps such as Jaw bone, Run keeper, and games. While at it you can enjoy some background music.


  • The Smartwatch is compatible with your iPhone and Android phones, which makes it user-friendly. 
  • The rechargeable battery can last for 5-7 days on a single charge.
  • It can be customized into many apps, such as music controller apps, GPS, and others.


  • The display size is small, and the apps are limited. 
  • It doesn’t have out-of-the-box support for IFTTT.

3. Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch – 14 Days Battery Life

Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch

We have talked about the Amazfit GTR at the beginning. But this is the most improved version of Amazfit Smartwatch collection devices. The Amazfit GTS is unisex, and anyone can rock it.

For starters, it comes in 10 different shades that one can select from. This depends on your fashion sense. But to be safe, we recommend having different shades for your collection. This makes it easier to match your dress, pants, coat, or shoe with the Amazfit Smartwatch. This, in turn, gives you a sophisticated look. Who wouldn’t want this?Apart from having different shades, it also has a remarkable feature that makes your life easier. It has been built with a large square screen, which offers a high-resolution display. The 1.65-inch display makes it worthwhile.The device has been made with a 14 days battery life, which helps with avoiding frequent charging. While out in the woods camping or jogging in the streets, you’ll get to enjoy music. The Smartwatch has Bluetooth music control, which gives you a chance to control your playlist without removing your phone. Additionally, the product is water-resistant; therefore, you can go for a swim 50 meters deep without worrying about it being damaged.


  • It has 12 multisport modes.
  • Amazfit GTS has a 24- hour heart monitoring rate.
  • It has an excellent display quality and Bluetooth connection.
  • The Smartwatch has battery saver mode.


  • The watch has lesser battery life and can’t run third-party apps.
  • It has no message and call reply.

4. Sanag IP68 Fitness Watch

Sanag IP68 Fitness Watch

Sang as a brand has brought a new and unique device to the table. We begin with the frame, which has been engraved with a five-axle CNC machine. This provides the Smartwatch with protection and durability.The device comes with a message and income call alert, which keeps you in the loop. Hence, you can reply to messages and hung-up calls in real-time. After a long day at work or in the office, you need a good sleep. This gives your body a chance to rejuvenate itself. This is why the Android Smartwatch has a sleep tracker. The feature enables you to track your sleep quality every time.It has also been built with 10 sports modes, which help with Blood Pressure and Heart Rate monitoring. This is ideal for anyone who wants to maintain their vitals while working out. You wouldn’t want to overwork yourself? The watch comes with a GPS tracker as well, which is ideal for any camper or hiker.The 1.4-inch HD screen gives you a better touch experience, which allows you to switch between digital dial and indicator dial directly. The battery life takes about 7-10 days depending on the usage, but it can take 30 days if on standby mode. 


  • The device is compatible with your Android or iOS phones.
  • It offers instant message and call alerts. 
  • It’s water-resistant. 


  • The software needs a bit of an upgrade to be user friendly.

5. Fossil Men’s 42MM Collider Hybrid HR Smart Watch

Fossil Men's 42MM Collider Hybrid HR Smart Watch

The Fossil Men’s 42mm Collider HR is what every gentleman needs in their watch collections. The watch comes in both back and dark brown shade, which blends with any cloth you have on. The device is capable of measuring your Heart Rate to ensure you are in top shape. You’ll measure and keep track of your steps, sleep, active minutes, and calorie levels. The hybrid Fossil is compatible with your iPhone and Android phones, which makes it user-friendly. To keep you up to date with the daily occurrence, the devices enable one to receive and view their smartphone notifications.There are also weather alerts and updates that keep you in the loop when out camping. Plus, you have all your music controls on your wrist and can control your playlist without reaching for your phones. The battery can last up to 2 weeks or more, depending on the usage.


  • The Fossil has a sleek look and design. 
  • It has a long battery life, and it’s compatible with your iOS and Android phones.
  • The Smartwatch is water resistance. 


  • The Smartwatch has limited notification options.

6. CEGAR Fitness Tracker, Smart Watch

CEGAR Fitness Tracker, Smart Watch

The CEGAR smartwatch has a lot to offer you. The HD color screen gives one a high-resolution display with different visual effects. The 1.3-inch IPS full view is an HD display touch screen, which makes it easier to operate. While on the move, it’s hard to always remove your phone to find who has texted or read an email. For this reason, the Smartwatch gives you daily and real-time notifications from emails, messages, or even call alerts. Hence, you won’t miss out on any information while working out or camping outdoors.For females, CEGAR is an ideal watch for you. The watch comes with a Goddess Exclusive function. This is an inbuilt female physiological cycle function reminder. This helps you to keep track of your menstrual, ovulation, and pregnancy period. However, this feature is only available if the watch has been registered as a female user.The Multi-Sport Mode helps with measuring your heart rate, calories when exercising. Plus, you can track your sleep time as well. This makes it an ideal part of your life when trying to live a healthy life. On the other hand, the new touch experience is user-friendly, and with a single touch, you can navigate through the various features. 


  • The Smartwatch supports 12 languages such as German, English, Chinese, among others.
  • The device comes with a heart rate monitoring feature.
  • It has a Bluetooth fitness tracker, and it’s compatible with iOS and Android phones.
  • Lightweight and attractive design.


  • Design seems copied. 

Best Smartwatch under $50

2023 is here, and no one knows what is has installed for us. Therefore, you need to run on a tight budget and still maintain a classical look. This is why we are going to have a look at the best Smartwatch for under $50. The watches will offer you the same features, just like smartwatches under $100. Let’s dive in and learn about the devices.

7. Tinwoo Smart Watch with Wireless Charger-HR 

Tinwoo Smart Watch

The Smartwatch comes in seven different colors one can opt for. The 1.3-inch screen makes things visible, and one operates the watch with ease. For those who love to exercise, the Smartwatch comes with an All-day activity tracking feature. It showcases your workout data and supports up to 9 sports modes. This helps you remain active and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which should be one of your New Year resolutions.Tinwoo Fitness Tracker uses the latest tech. It has been equipped with a magnetic charging USB cable. The battery can last for 10-15 days depending on the usage, and when on standby mode, it takes 20 days. Having a good night’s sleep is essential to your health. For this reason, the watch comes with a sleep tracking feature. The feature can detect and track your sleeping pattern and provides you with the data. On the other hand, the multi-function feature helps with music and camera control. The amazing thing about the device is that it’s compatible with your Android and iOS devices.


  • It has a sleek design which gives you a classical look.
  • It’s compatible with your Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The Tinwoo has a Bluetooth Health Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor.


  • The watch needs to be paired with your phone to display the right time

8. AIKELA Smart Watch with B Monitoring and Oxygen Meter

AIKELA Smart Watch

The AIKELA smartwatch is the second-best device you can opt for when looking for watches under $50. The device comes out with Heart Rate, Blood pressure, and Blood oxygen monitor. The watch comes with a built-in sensor that monitors your heart rate and creates your training plan. The sedentary reminder helps with your stretching exercises to ensure you reduce fatigue and increase productivity during the day. The music control function keeps you entertained while working out or even stretching.The amazing thing about the watch this price it comes with a breathing exercises feature. The function helps with your deep breathing tailored to your pulse rate. AIKELA is the best watch for ladies since it comes with Women’s Health Care. It’s a medical assistance women use to record and monitor their menstrual cycle, ovulation prediction, and personal physiological cycle. Being in the loop is vital when on the move to keep up with your current schedules. For this reason, the watch comes with a call and message notification. This means you will receive notifications from your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even WhatsApp accounts while on the move. 


  • The Smartwatch comes with a 24/7 fitness tracker for your health.
  • The device is compatible with your Android and iOS smartphones.
  • It has a nice and clear screen which is very responsive upon touch.


  • The blood pressure sensor seems not accurate.

9. Virmee VT3 Fitness Tracker and Smart Watch

Virmee VT3 smart watch

Virmee VT3 Fitness Tracker comes with remarkable features. It comes with 18 exercise modes that record your workout. Whether you love running, playing basketball, or volleyball, we have got you covered, among other modes. This helps you to achieve your exercise goals faster.The call and app notification keeps you in the loop while on the move.Health tracking keeps your heart rate and blood oxygen in check. Plus, your calorie levels are vital to you to keep your health in check. The device checks your calorie levels to ensure you are healthy. The stress status helps you to maintain your stress levels. Therefore you won’t be prone to stress-related diseases and disorders. Vermeer is compatible with your iOS and Android device, which makes it reliable and effective. Hence, you won’t need to reach out for your phone every time as you can control it from your wrist. Additionally, the Smartwatch makes a fashion statement and gives you a classical look. The sleek design and different shades blend with your clothes, bags, or even shoe. 


  • You can change and customize the watch face.
  • It’s water-resistant and comes with 18 exercise settings. 
  • The watch has a quick photo button.
  • The battery lasts for seven days maximum.
  • The smartwatch is compatible with iOS (10.0 above) and Android phones (5.0 above). 


  • It comes in a few colors.
  • The Smartwatch takes 2 hours to fully charge. 

10. YIRSUR Smart Watch for Women with HR, Step and Sleep Monitoring

YIRSUR Smart Watch for Women

YIRSUR has outdone themselves again and what they bring to the table talks about technology in volumes. The Smartwatch has been built for women who understand and know what they need when it comes to wristwatches. It comes in 4 different colors for starters, which are green, pink, blue, and black. We consider basic colors that blend with any cloth, shoes, bags, or phone covers. Additionally, the brand comes with life assistant features that play a role in your daily life. The multi-function provides you with various features such as alarms, calendar notifications, and rest reminders, among others. This helps in managing your daily schedule and still reaming healthy.The remote camera is perfect for capturing every moment.Whether you want to take a selfie with friends or while out jogging, the Smartwatch comes in handy. What you are required to do is connect your watch to YIRSUR App and then shake your wrist to take photos. It’s simple and easy to operate.Having a fitness ticker is vital for any smartwatch. This is why the firm has incorporated the feature to get you in top shape. The device records all your steps and even checks your calorie levels. That’s not all. The music controller gives you a chance to control your playlist while working out. And after working out, you need an interrupted rest hence the sleep monitor kicks in. The watch starts to record and monitor your sleep from 10 p.m; to 8 a.m and then sync the data to the YIRSUR app. 


  • The watch comes with a sleek design and Bluetooth connection.
  • It’s compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • It’s water-resistant and lightweight, ideal for swimming.
  • The Smartwatch comes with a wireless charging system.


  • It does come with a blood pressure monitoring feature.
  • One can receive messages and answer calls.
  • It can be operated while charging.

How to Choose Best Smartwatch in Budget?

Whether you are looking for a smartwatch that is under $50 or $100, there are certain things you need to consider at first. Making an impulsive purchase online can be devastating if you don’t know what you need in the device. In this section, we will look at the vital things to look into before buying a smartwatch.a) CompatibilityFor a smartwatch to be considered fit for you, it has to be compatible with your mobile phone. This means whether you are using an Android or iOS handset, you are still capable of receiving your notifications and call alerts. Hence, before placing an order for a smartwatch, it has to be compatible with your handset for convenience.

b) BudgetWe are living in uncertain times; therefore, you need to budget accordingly. This means even coin you earn has to be accounted for. If you are looking for a smartwatch, it has to fit your budget no penny more or less. Therefore conduct a market survey to see the devices available and how much they cost. Once, you have made an extensive assessment go for what you can afford. And remember you shouldn’t be talked in purchase a brand that wasn’t in your mind. c) FeaturesThere are various smartwatches in the market, and each comes with its benefits and features. Some come with 12 sports mode, other heart rate monitor. However, you need is what determines the kind of brand you’ll purchase.For example, if you have a Heart or Blood pressure condition, it would be wise to go for the heart and BP monitoring brands. This helps to keep you healthy and in shape. Thus, look at the features each product presents before making an order. d) Battery life

The battery life and charging speed is equally vital for any device you are thinking of purchasing. Some smartwatches can stay with a battery for two weeks while others would go for 30 days. Hence, we recommend checking the battery life of the device when looking at the features. e) WarrantyWhen it comes to warranties, most people tend to turn a blind eye. This is because none expects the device to malfunction after purchase. Though the device might be from a trusted firm, it might have some problems one wouldn’t have expected. For example, the OS might be corrupted. This is why we suggest looking at the warranty the firm presents. If the device malfunctions the warranty helps you to seek another device from the same firm without any fee. Never purchase a product that doesn’t have a warranty policy. 


Smartphones have become a major part of our lives. Today we use them in everything from paying bills to running our daily activities, and the likes. Every day there is a new device in the market that makes your life easier. But people are moving towards Smartwatch. This is because they offer the same services and are convenient. Instead of reaching into your bag or pocket and removing your phone, all you need to do is look at your Smartwatch, and you are good to go. This is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of smartwatches under $50 and $100. Therefore, grab a smartwatch and experience the magic. 

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