Best Wifi Extender for Ring Camera

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I read the FBI statistics…….


Alarming, isn’t it?

At this point, I realize, Safety matters more than anything else!So, I start researching a lot and figure out the best wifi extender is a must if you’re using a ring camera to keep your home secured.


Ring cameras are usually installed outside the house and from there, getting the proper strong wifi signal is a bit tough. But the point is, ring cameras can’t operate properly and transfer data without a network.

To increase the coverage of your network, you need an extender that’ll extend the range of your home network and give you the ease of surfing, streaming everything. You can do other works with these extenders as well.

Here is my top favorite 5 best wifi extender for ring cameras that allow you to monitor what’s going on in your home effortlessly.

Where should I put my ring base station?

The base station for a ring camera is where everything is done and settled. A base station contains things like a siren, a battery backup option, a cellular backup option, etc. When you’re setting the base station to a certain place, you need to follow these instructions.

Put ring camera base station

You can place it anywhere but a flat surface is suitable. You can also attach it to the wall through the mounting screws that are not included with the package.

so, where do you place a wifi extender ring?

A place where your wifi signal is at its maximum is a must. Without a proper wifi signal, a base station can’t work or operate properly.

Choose a place from where you can hear the siren properly from all over the house. Wherever you are, you’ll be alerted.

How do I know if my ring is connected to my wifi? Place it near the router if you want to use the Ethernet port to connect the wire.

  • Make sure the spot has cellular service.
  • Don’t put ring camera base station.
  • Don’t put it somewhere out where the humidity is heavy.
  • Avoiding spots near corrosive chemicals is a must.
  • Try avoiding spots from where you can’t hear the siren properly.
  • Don’t put it anywhere the network reaches hardly.

5 Best Wifi Extender for Ring Camera Reviews: A Guide for Full-fledged Home Security System

Here is our review of the top 5 Best wifi Extenders for ring camera every homeowner should know for home safety.

01. TP-Link WiFi Extender AC1750

When it comes to wifi stuff, TP-link is my all-time favorite.

And you know what?

Not only me, but TP-link is also by far the most popular wifi accessories brand all over the world for its wireless system. And This wifi extender comes up with everything you’ll be looking for in a wifi extender.First let’s talk about coverage.

It comes up with a huge covering range of 2000 sq feet. It comes up with an Ethernet connectivity technology and a dual-band frequency band class. The data transfer rate is huge as well, and it’s 1750 megabits per second.

You’ll be amazed to know that……

It can connect at least 32 devices at the same time. Besides, it’s compatible with any kind of router available on the market.

The speed of the Tp-link wifi extender is divided into two sections. You can get 450 MB per second for 2.4 GHz and 1300 MB per second for 5 GHz. That’s 1750 Mbps speed in total. It eliminates wifi dead zones and gives you smooth lag-free surfing over the internet. You can also attach wired devices to it with the Gigabit port.

By the by, it’s compatible with windows devices, phones, Amazon Alexa, and google echo. It comes up with 3 adjustable antennas to increase your wifi coverage. Please note that it will increase your wifi range, not the speed.

The Tp-link wifi extender comes up with an extraordinary warranty feature to grab your back. Whenever you’re feeling you can’t set it up, or there are problems with connection, you can easily contact the manufacturer. But the wifi extender is pretty easy to set up.

The silver lining?

If you’re looking for an extender, especially for your ring camera, it’ll blow your mind because it connects with the ring camera perfectly.


  • 3 adjustable antennas
  • 1750 Mbps of bandwidth speed
  • 2000 sq feet range
  • 32 device connecting feature
  • Stable wifi connection
  • Perfect for ring camera and other devices


  • Has some shipping restrictions

02. NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender

NETGEAR WiFi 6 Mesh Range Extender

The second wifi extender comes from the brand Netgear.

This brand is the sought-after wifi manufacture brand for its build quality and service. It’s actually a hidden gem for those who are looking for the best all-around wifi extender that comes up with a suitable budget.

The NetGear and the TP-link have some slight differences that make the NETGEAR more superior to the TP-link. well, NETGEAR WiFi Extender may come up with a low area coverage and fewer connecting channels for devices, but it offers you way better speed than the TP-link.

See the difference?

The coverage area for this wifi extender is 1500 sq ft. While covering that space, it can connect 20+ devices at the same time. It offers great versatility as well. Laptops, cameras, phones, ring cameras, and more different kinds of devices are compatible with this.

It can provide you with smart roaming as it’ll be using your SSID name. You’ll never get disconnected while using this one. It uses dual-band wifi technology to provide you with great speed and flexibility.

Wait, there is more……

It can provide you with up to 1800 mbps of speed. The speed option is different for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It has 4 simultaneous streams that can provide more speed while having a lot of devices connected.

It comes up with high versatility and compatibility as it easily connects with any kind of wireless router. Besides, it has Ethernet ports to connect wired devices. The Netgear Wifi extender for the Ring floodlight camera also gives you security as it has two secured options. Finally, it’s easy to set up and operate. So, you’re not dealing with any complicated machine.


  • 1500 sq ft. of net coverage
  • Connects up to 20+ devices at the same time
  • 2 security options
  • Uses existing SSID name
  • Ethernet port for wired devices
  • Easy installing feature
  • Up to 1800 Mbps of net speed


  • The price is a bit high for the features on this

03. Google Wifi – Mesh Wifi System

Google Wifi - Mesh Wifi System - Wifi Router Replacement

Listen, Without Google, we can’t live, and if the brand google offers something, you won’t doubt it at all.

Suddenly why am I saying this?

My next picks come from the google store, and we all know the quality of google and the significance of google in our everyday life.

But the fact is, this one is not a traditional wifi extender that boosts up the range of your router. Instead, it’s a smart wifi system that replaces your router and gives you a whole new experience of mesh networking.

So, what it’s all about?

This type of networking is a bit rare as everyone doesn’t use it. But, if you take a look at the features and learn what you’re getting at the price point, you’ll be overwhelmed. This pack of google wifi systems offers you three of their replacement packs. When one pack covers 1500 square feet area, and three packs cover 4500 sq ft area to keep your house online.

I can assure you something: It will boost up your regular life.

The speed is pretty awesome as well. You can enjoy 4k grade speed with this, and you don’t have to rely on your router anymore. The speed option is different for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It’s pretty easy to set up as well. You can customize your network using the google home app and quickly get online.

There are some other features. It has parental controls. With that, you can control online screentime, adult content, and much more. Besides, you can mark specific devices to restrict them from your network as well. To extend your net coverage, you can easily add more packs to your network system. The build quality of this network system is pretty decent.

Too good to be true!

It comes up with high-quality plastic material to make it last longer and easily reusable. However, the fact you must remember is it doesn’t work with routers. Instead, it replaces the router.


  • 3 of google wifi packs
  • High-speed network coverage
  • Covers up to 4500 sq ft area
  • Multiple device adding system
  • Parental control
  • Customizable network system
  • Great for ring cameras
  • Different speed and frequency mode


  • Doesn’t work with a router, it replaces it

04. Linksys RE7000 AC1900 Gigabit Range Extender

Linksys RE7000 AC1900 Gigabit Range Extender

When you’re using a ring camera or a doorbell camera, your camera stays outside the house, and your wifi router range doesn’t reach the camera to give you data about what’s going on there.

Then, what’s the point of the camera, right?

Here comes the Linksys wifi gigabit extender to solve that issue. It works with every wifi router to make your connections better and smooth.

The Linksys wifi extender boosts up your wifi coverage and makes your life simpler as well. It easily eliminates wifi dead zones. The highly versatile extender works with almost every kind of routers available on the market right now.

Astonishing, isn’t it?

It comes up with wireless MAC filtering as well. It offers a great speed of 1.9 Gbps and a huge coverage of 10, 000 sq feet area. This speed and area coverage is pretty enough for a ring or security camera.

Does Ring wifi extender work with other devices?

By the by, the Linksys wifi extender comes up with an easy setup feature, and the procedure is pretty easy. It comes up with a spot finder technology that detects every signals active nearby.

You just need to use the push button to do this. Then easily detect your router and set it up. Like other wi-fi extenders on this list, this one also has a dual speed option, and the speed is divided for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

But one thing’s for sure…….

This wifi extender is highly versatile and allows you to connect multiple devices at the same time. You can connect numerous devices to it to keep your home online.

Now come to the Ring wifi extender setup.

It also comes up with Ethernet ports to connect devices like smart tv, or a disc player, or a gaming console. However, it’s made with good technology, and it lasts pretty long.


  • Huge space coverage of 10000 sqft
  • Speed up to 1.9 Gbps
  • Dual-band speed option
  • Supports Ethernet ports for wired devices
  • Easy setup feature
  • Spot finder on the extender


  • The body design is a bit old fashioned and doesn’t look good everywhere

05. 1200Mbps WiFi Range Extender Wireless Signal Repeater Booster

1200Mbps WiFi Range Extender Wireless Signal Repeater Booster

If you scrolled down the whole article and didn’t find the 4 extenders on our best wifi extenders for ring camera list, hold on and give yourself a break.

This is the last one, and it comes up with everything you need in a wifi extender. Besides, the price of this one is at the minimum. It comes from the brand called MC WHLZD.

You may not hear of this brand before, am I right?

Can’t blame you.

This brand is pretty underrated in this sector. But the fact is, it can give you premium service on a tiny budget.

It’s offering you a lot of features for the price. It has 1200 mbps, speed band. The speed is divided into two channels. The speed for 2.4 GHz will be up to 300 Mbps, and the price for 5 GHz will be up to 867 Mbps. This wifi repeater comes up with 4 digital antennas to give you a better speed range of 1200 sq feet. It offers you a 360-degree wifi connection for quick and fast web surfing.

And the best part?

These antennas are great and made for high-speed transfer. This extender is pretty versatile as well. It works decently with almost every router apart from some exceptions. Besides, it can connect a lot of wireless devices at the same time and give the same speed. It also has Ethernet ports to provide you with a connection to wired devices.

What’s the bottom line?

The build quality of this wifi extender is overall good, and the technology is pretty decent for the price. The installing and setting up are easy. But the exception is, it doesn’t work with a certain signal router. You need to check that out before you buy this wifi extender.


  • High-quality building method and technology
  • Up to 1200 sq ft of coverage
  • It Covers 360 degrees for better speed
  • High speed of up to 1200 Mbps
  • Dual-band speed option
  • Four different antennas
  • Ethernet port for wired devices


  • It doesn’t suit every router; there are some exceptions

Will any wifi extender work with a ring camera?

Ring cameras are basically designed to make sure that your home or workplace is secured and you can see what’s going on there. To do this, ring cameras use power from a battery or a solar system provided with the camera itself. When the camera is set up properly, you need a suitable network connection to transfer the data to you recorded or noticed by the camera.

So how does it work, actually?

In this situation, a broadband wireless network is a good choice. Place the camera nearby it, and you’ll able to easily connect the camera to your router. But in most cases, the router isn’t able to cover the camera as it’s located outside.

A ring wifi Extender is the best solution to this problem. You can easily use a wifi extender that comes up with a 2.4 GHz frequency band and provides a good speed. For data transferring and a better view of clips, you need a minimum net speed of 1 Mbps.

How can I boost my ring camera WIFI signal?

When you notice that your ring camera signal isn’t good and you’re not able to stream everything, maybe there’s some issue with the network. With a low-speed network, the main purpose of the ring camera doesn’t fulfill. You can’t detect everything when the signal is low, and it keeps buffering while streaming.

To prevent this, there are several ways.

The most suitable way is to install a wifi extender with good area coverage and speed. It’ll give your camera the required signal and make the streaming buffer-free.

Without buying an extender, you can try different remedies as well. Consider moving your router towards the door. This might help somehow. Make sure your camera is getting a signal from the 2.4 GHz band.

Keep in mind……

Ring cameras don’t work well with 5 GHz. Wifi extenders also have this facility to give you dual-band options. You can select 2.4 GHz from there as well if you use one.

ring chime pro vs wifi extender- which one is better? Well, Both are capable and have their own pros and cons.

Things to Consider while Buying Wifi Extender for ring camera

Buy a wifi extender is a bit confusing as there are a lot of wifi extenders available on the market, and you can’t easily find out the best wifi extender that’s made especially for a ring camera as every extender features the same.

In that case, there are a few things you need to check while you’re buying a wifi extender for a ring camera.

In this section, we’ll discuss how to buy the best wifi extender for a ring camera, what to consider and what to avoid.

Dual speed band

While buying a wifi extender for ring camera, the most important thing you need to check is the speed channel. Ring cameras don’t tend to work well on the 5 GHz band. So, when you’re buying a wifi extender for your ring camera, make sure it has a dual-band speed option.

If your wifi extender has dual-band speed option, you can easily switch to 2.4 GHz to boost up your speed and stream from the ring camera. You must make sure your extender has these two-speed bands.

The range and coverage

The wifi coverage is a must-checking thing while you’re buying an extender. Make sure that your wifi extender comes up with a huge area coverage.

Does ring range extender work for cameras? What is the WIFI range of a ring camera?

Most of the extenders available on the market now come up with 1500 to 10000 sq feet coverage. This area coverage is enough for your ring camera if you’re installing it nearby or just outside the door.


Antennas are the things that make your extender work well and give your internet speed. If your extender has one or two antennas, you won’t be able to get enough signal from everywhere you go.

Do WIFI extenders need to be on the same ring main?

Make sure that your wifi extender comes up with 4 antennas, and it covers every place.

Ethernet port

Having an Ethernet port at your extender is a must. There are a lot of devices we use in our house that require a wired connection. With Ethernet ports, you can easily connect them.


So, these are the ring wifi extender reviews.

I’ve researched the market and tested these products to make sure they work pretty well. With these wi-fi extenders, your internet in your home is pretty strong and smooth. They can cover everywhere, and your camera from home or from outside the home can get great signals.

If you’re willing to buy a ring doorbell wifi extender, you can undoubtedly choose one of these. If this article was helpful, visit our website for other articles. Feel free to comment if you have questions. Chao!

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