How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee at Home

How to Make the Perfect French Press Coffee at Home? These, make french press coffee according to science, are the factors to consider in order to make perfect coffee that maintains all its aroma.

Getting perfect coffee is not something that depends exclusively on the type of coffee maker we have at home, the type of coffee used.

The variety of cereals. The origin or the roasting coffee process.

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How to make the perfect french press coffee according to science

Bringing the perfect cup of coffee at home is a much more complicated process than it sounds and has a lot of science behind, as Christopher H. Hendon.

A chemist of materials and founder of the Smithsonian explained. Although I’m already telling you that after reading it. You’ll see that it also contains a lot of common sense.

What does getting perfect coffee depend on?

Apart from those mentioned in the previous section are other factors. That must be taken into account. If you want to obtain a perfect cup of this popular caffeinated drink.

These variables that must be controlled are the infusion temperature. The chemical composition of the water used, the particle size after grinding.

The relationship between the quantity of water versus coffee and the quality and freshness of green coffee before roasting. All of these parameters play a crucial role in determining the taste of freshly brewed coffee.

cold brew coffee french press

Temperature Water

The final concentration of coffee ingredients depends largely on temperature. The ideal concentration ranges between 1.2 and 1.5 percent and is easily accessible.

When brewing coffee using any of the following methods: Turkish, piston, or French press, Aeropress.

The best temperature for french press coffee: Since you will need to heat the water before adding it to the pressure vessel. It is important to ensure that it is at the optimum temperature to extract the flavor.

Those who feel that their pumping in the French press is consistently weak in flavor generally. Make the mistake of using water that is not hot enough.

The best temperature to reach is 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since most people do not want to bother hanging a thermometer in a coffee pot, boil the water and remove it from the heat.

After sitting for 30 seconds, you should be at the using a french press correct temperature and you can start fermentation.

Water is just as important as french press coffee

Like many other food preparations, water is a key ingredient in coffee, so its composition will largely determine the flavor of the coffee we make.

Very soft and soft water contains very low or even zero levels of calcium ions [Ca ++] and bicarbonate [HCO3-]. This will translate into coffee with great acidity. Which some may describe as sour.

On the contrary, with very hard water, rich in calcium and bicarbonate. We’ll get coffee with lime or chalk flavor and with a little acidity. It will be neutralized by bicarbonate, which is also not desirable.

Ideally, coffee should have an intermediate point of acidity, so making coffee better is medium hard water.

Degree of Grinding size

french press cold brew

The accuracy of the resulting powder when grinding coffee also affects the result, but at this stage. There is no agreement, some prefer coarse grinding that results in coffee with a more delicate flavor.

The prefer delicate grinding to achieve a more intense flavor by increasing the surface of the coffee in contact with water.

The relationship between the amount of water and coffee

It affects the time required to do a diversion. If the grinding is very smooth, the water flows more slowly, so with finer grinding. Less coffee is usually used for the same amount of water to reduce the time of infusion.

As we’ve seen before, the finest grinds give more intense coffee, so you can reduce. The amount of coffee a little bit and still get great flavor coffee.

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Freshness Coffee

The more time allowed between harvest and roasting, between roasting, grinding, grinding, and consumption.

The more volatile aromatic compounds will be released which causes the coffee to lose a lot of its quality.

So the ideal thing, if we are lucky enough to have a coffee roaster nearby, is to buy roast coffee Fresh and ground at home when we eat it.

Now, as science says, perfect coffee will never be the same for everyone, but it’s true that achieving. It requires playing with all these variables until you find everyone’s favorite coffee.

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